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​The kitchen is often the favourite meeting place in a home, and the kitchen island has become the central, spontaneous area to welcome family and friends.

​To enhance quality of life, comfort is a must! Walter Tabourets is an array of stools designed in Quebec..

Design excellence springs from focusing on what matters

We focus on the basic question: what makes a kitchen stool functional and whatsmall “plus” in terms of form and design will create appeal? These discreet but alluring stools make a definite statement. Walter Tabourets fully combine ergonomics, comfort, durability, versatility and warmth.

We collaborate with our manufacturers to create a perfect product

We work with manufacturers in Quebec, China and Europe. We draw the sketches and decide on the appropriate tools and materials for their production.

We target proven and modern concepts. Thanks to our close relationships with manufacturing plants and their owners, we can guarantee the reliability and quality of each product we sell.

We use only sustainable steel and build stools that are sturdy

Our products are built to last. We use only the strongest of materials so that you can rest easy, knowing that you are sitting on something solid.

Expert know-how

At Walter, there is only one reference unit: the best price/quality ratio.

Quality is achieved by using the most advanced technology combined with proven traditional craftsmanship. The expert hands of knowledgeable craftsmen produce kitchen stools that are well made and offer long-lasting appeal.

Stools are much more than an invitation to sit or eat. Especially, when they are called Walter. .​..

When we blend the best of materials and modern shapes, we create dynamic kitchen stools.

Walter promotes true added value when you purchase a kitchen stool that was created with care and long-lasting appeal